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Aims of the Society

Send History Society was formed in 1975. In 1982, Ripley (originally part of the ancient parish of Send) was included and added to the name. Send and Ripley History Society became a registered charity in 1987. In September 1993 Lord Forte of Ripley officially opened the Society’s local history museum, converted from a bank and relocated next to Ripley Village Hall. Membership stands at a little over 300.

The original aims were – to promote an interest in, and an understanding of, the history and prehistory of the locality of Send, and to act as a forum and a source of reference for all matters relating to local history. On the recommendation of the Charity Commissioners the aims were changed to read – to educate the public in the history of the ancient parish of Send & Ripley and of any nearby parishes.

Charitable status

Send and Ripley History Society became a registered charity in 1987 (charity reg. no. 296324) and relies totally on its membership to fund its activities. There is a full year long calendar of talks, films, tours and visits.

The Society supports local schools by offering Loan Boxes containing educational information on local history. They can also arrange visits to the museum and may be able to display school’s work in the museum and arrange speakers.


The Society is committed to helping local schools in researching and learning about the history of Send and Ripley. The Society offer Loan Boxes to local schools to provide material for local history projects.

For loan boxes please contact Clare McCann using this form – click here.

We also can arrange visits to the museum and may be able to display school’s work in the museum.

If you are a school or an educational establishment and feel we may be able to help you then please contact us by email click here ).

Guest Speakers

The Society may also be able to arrange speakers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or contact Clare McCann using this form – click here.]

Loan Boxes (ideal for schools and learning projects)

The Society has many different Loan Boxes which are available on loan for an agreed time period.
These include:

  • Toys – the box contains old and reproduction toys as well as information sheets on the history of different types of toys. There is also a mystery item to be explored with a reproduction for hands on play.
  • A walk around Ripley – old photos, old maps and information on the history of the village with ideas for walks.
  • A walk around Send – looking at wrought iron work made in the village smithy.
  • World War II memories – this box contains some replica documents and some original uniforms.
  • Transport – particularly looking at the role of the Wey Navigation

Please contact the Society if you are interested in borrowing any Loan Boxes or click here to send an email.