When you become a member of the Send & Ripley History Society we ask you to provide some details such as your name, phone number, address and email address. We keep these details so that we can contact you about our activities and deliver the bi-monthly journals.

Your email address is never automatically displayed on our website nor on the SRHS-managed twitter, facebook or other online pages. You, not we, control the detail given about yourself on such social media sites.

Your details are made available, only as necessary, to SRHS Committee members but not to the wider membership of the society. We will not give your details to other organizations, other than HMRC in connection with the reclaiming of gift aid. You consent to this disclosure when you complete a gift aid form.

For our historical records and for use by future historians we keep a record of all past members, including their contact details.

Should you wish us to stop contacting you at any time or to delete any information about yourself from our records please contact us