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Send and Ripley

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SRHS wins Prestigious Award !

SRHS has won the 2021 British Association for Local History (BALH) award for the best local history society journal or newsletter. This is a prestigious award, won against competition from societies throughout Britain.


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Who are we?

The society was originally formed in 1975 for the village of Send only and in 1982 Ripley was included in the name as it was originally part of the ancient parish of Send.

The Society is very active, run by a committee of volunteers, many of whom have been involved with the history of the villages for over 40 years. Its aim is to to educate the public in the history of the ancient parish of Send and Ripley and of any nearby parishes. Considerable research has been conducted over the years and is fully documented by way of the many articles, which have been written by members.

Our Events

CONTENTS | No. 279

Cedar House Tea Rooms, Cameron Brown 4

From Ripley to the South Coast by Foot, Andrew & Jack Paulson 10

The Mystery of the Fourth Stansfield Brother, Alan Cooper 13

Obituaries – Margery Joyce Bernard, Edwin (Ted) Goldup 16

The Surrey Constabulary Button, Andrew Jones 18

Everybody Looks Up to a Roofer, Phill Pestle 20

The Demise of Old Hall (Boughton Hall) 2020, Alan Cooper 23

Ripley Village Hall, Cameron Brown 23

The Curious World of Walter Potter, Pat Morris 24

Tea Places – A Cyclist’s Recollections, John Purser 26

Magnet Fishing, Ditz Brown 28

plus regular features including: Editorial, 40 Years Ago, Letters, Museum News, Where Is It? / What Is It? and more.

To search the journals using the Index first download the Word document. Then follow these instructions:

  1. open the WORD document
  2. at the top right hand corner of the document there is a box with a magnifying glass symbol and the words ‘Search in Document’. This is where you enter what you are searching for. 
  3. Let’s say you want to research the church in Ripley. You have a number of options and may want to try all of them: I’d start with ‘Mary’ as the search function will recognise part of a word – so you don’t need to write St Mary’s. It doesn’t care about capital letters either. But the index might just say ‘Church, Ripley’ so you may need to try that and ‘Ripley’ too – though ‘Ripley’ will give you far too many results. You could try ‘pews’ or ‘stained glass’ etc etc. You have to be imaginative.

Then return to the website to access the information in the journals:

The most recent article is in Journal 263, pp 12-14. We abbreviate that to 263/12-14. To find it:

  1. Go to our website
  2. click Journals at the top
  3. then within the drop-down box hover over Journal Archives – a further box appears to the right with a series of dates. you need to hover over these to see the number of the journals within each batch. If you hover over the last one you’ll find a final box offering several batches, with their numbers. You’ll see that J263 is within the last batch (258 – 263). Single click on that and the six journals in that batch will appear.
  4. You have to work out for yourself that 263 is the 6th of these.
  5. Double click on the image then use the arrows on the side to get to page 12, 13, 14
  6. Once you are finished single click the X at the top right to get back to your batch (258-263)
  7. To look for another batch go back to the home page and start the process again.

Current exhibition

The exhibition looks at the rise in popularity of tea and takes a tour from Burnt Common to The Hut at Wisley showing the various coffee houses and teashops that have existed over the years -particularly before the second world war. There is a brief mention of Send but sadly we have only found two cafes so far and one of those is Astalet. Visitors can claim a small discount of 50p on a £5 spend in three cafes when they visit the museum. Please note access is pedestrian only for the foreseeable future.


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Due to the Covid 19 restrictions on the museum, please also see MOVIES & FILMS



Sir Anthony Browne: The Man Who Was Given SEND and RIPLEY as a Present!

A loyal friend of Henry VIII, Sir Anthony was the beneficiary of multiple local land grants by the King.



Gordon Stewart made a fortune in the early 20th century running what became the largest car dealership in the UK. Amongst many other pursuits, he used this wealth to set up – in Send – the UK’s largest kennel for Great Danes.

Ripley Museum has been given official ‘Ripley Museum is an Arts Council England accredited museum’ on 12 July 2018


The Accreditation Scheme sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK. It defines good practice and identifies agreed standards, thereby encouraging development. It is a baseline quality standard that helps guide museums to be the best they can be, for current and future users.

Ripley Museum has been officially Accredited.

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