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Send and Ripley History Society
Journal Volume 7 No. 234 Jan/Feb 2014

  • Send and Ripley History Society
    In this journal:
    – Editorial – Cate Davey
    – Society Anthem
    – Lepers at the Gate – Notes by Les Bowerman
    – The Old Barge at Send – Vince Locatelli
    – Send Flight – Tony Milton
    – Chairman’s Notes – Les Bowerman
    – Letter to the Editor from – William Langley
    – The Eager Family of Ripley – John Slatford
    – Market Gardening at Dunsborough Park – Sid Stanley
    – 750 Years of Holy Trinity Church, Guildford – Notes by Les Bowerman
    – Newark Priory Museum Exhibition
    – Museum News – Clare McCann
    – New Members 2013 – Andy Jones
    – Forthcoming Events
    – SRHS Publications List
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