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Send Parish Church, Surrey

We have an old church needing urgent repair to make our roof and tower watertight.

About Send Parish Church, Surrey

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin, Send has housed Christian Worship for 800 years. It is a listed building which is currently undergoing repairs, the next phase of which will cost over £60,000. The church is also there for the whole community of Send, for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

A fund raising page, JustGiving, has been set up and this is the link to it. (Please note the fund raising page is not operated by Send and Ripley History Society and we are providing this link as we would like to help the fund raising effort to help Send Church which is a significant part of Send village).

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For further information please contact the organisers at Send Church: bill@sendparishchurch.co.uk

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