Journal No. 275 – November 2020


2020 CONTENTS | No. 275


Editorial  Cameron Brown

Ripley Then and Now Cameron Brown

My Grandfather Harry Cakebread  Trevor Tice

Pigeon House Cottage, the Warf and the Cart Bridge Alan Cooper

National Schools of Send and Ripley Revisited Cate Devey

Connaughtʼs Garage – A Burglar’s Note
Cameron Brown and Clare McCann

The Rector of Ockham’s Daughter and Her Romance
with Her Father’s Groom Richard Christophers

Plagues, Pandemics, Cures Clare McCann

Dressing the Send Blacksmith Alan Cooper

A Christmas Quiz Alan Cooper

plus regular features including: 40 Years Ago, Letters, Museum News, Where Is It? / What Is It? and more.


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