The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalen Ripley, Surrey

‘The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalen Ripley, Surrey’


by K H Bourne
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A guide to Ripley’s ancient church, with its late 12th century chancel constructed to an unusually high standard (for a small chapel). Predating the Augustinian Priory nearby by 35 years, did the Augustinians build it? Did they construct a nave at the same time? The author in this scholarly and well illustrated guide attempts to answer these and other questions and explains in some detail the architectural features of the early nave and the subsequent work of Victorian architect Benjamin Ferrey who replaced it in 1845/6 with a neo-gothic structure. For the first time the excellent Victorian stained glass windows are described and attributed. This guide is written to enable the main features to be seen and appreciated readily whilst providing plenty of detail and references for further study by all who are interested in the history of ancient churches.
Published 2002. ISBN 978 0 9509961 7 3


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