The Society produces a new journal every 2 months (6 journals per year) and members receive this free of charge as part of their membership package.

These journals are not released onto the website or into the public domain for approximately two years and so cannot be viewed or accessed unless you are a member.

However, it is possible to purchase a copy (or copies) of the journals by ordering online (see below).

Alternatively, you can become a member and receive copies for free.

Become a member

For “non members” of the Society wishing to obtain the latest journals

If you are not a member yet, or do not wish to become a member, there is the option to buy the latest versions of the journals. The Society do not upload the latest journals to the website for a period of two years as only members of the society receive these as part of their membership.
But the latest journals can be purchased if you do not want to become a member or if you cannot wait for the two years to get them for free from the website.

All journals are made available online and for free except the most recent journals for the last 2 years.

These are available to purchase online if you do not want to join the society.

Please first check to see if they are available for free by going to https://sendandripleyhistorysociety.co.uk/journals-archives/

Otherwise, please order through online by selecting the journal(s) you require.

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