Video filmed with a drone at St Nicholas & Wisley Church

A drone flight around two 12th Century English churches by Mr. Sean Hickey.

We have been given permission to show a youtube clip by the maker, Mr. Sean Hickey.
Both within the leafy county of Surrey in the UK, very kind permission was granted to fly at these historic and important sites. History is everywhere with the ruins of Newark Priory making a cameo appearance!

St Nicholas’ and Wisley Church are part of the Parish of Wisley with Pyford and the two chapels are located within a few miles of each other. Under the careful care of the Parish, local history is well preserved and protected for future generations.

Special thanks to Mr. Sean Hickey.

To find out more about the buildings themselves and more about the area and Parish, take a look at the following links:

Our Three Churches are The Church Of The Good Shepherd, Wisley, and St Nicholas’.
Parishes: Wisley
Newark Priory

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