Previous Exhibitions


The exhibition will run every Saturday 10-12 until the end of January. It is a broad brush look at the history of the two villages but with a few special items on show. For all cycling buffs come and see Ripley’s own board game, Wheeling which ends at the Anchor barring punctures en route. For Send […]

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We are having a complete change of tack from our previous exhibition, the story of Newark Mill, to VILLAGE WEDDINGS. We try to look at the origins of wedding traditions and how they have changed. On a local level, Send and Ripley are villages where generations of the same family have lived and married. The […]

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The Mill on the Wey

NEW EXHIBITION – The Mill on the Wey We have a new exhibition, The Mill on the Wey, opening at the Museum this Saturday for approximately 3 months Saturdays 10-12 and by appointment. So, any publicity gratefully received -poster attached Until destroyed by fire in 1966, the 17th century Newark Mill was an imposing landmark on […]

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Ripley Museum 10-12 Saturdays 

NEW EXHIBITION –Ripley Museum 10-12 Saturdays  Come and visit our new exhibition –perhaps the wackiest yet – ANIMAL MAGIC – and consider how animals have shaped our lives. Feel free to contribute a LOCAL animal picture (no Lions please). Collect a colouring sheet for your children, grandchildren and friends and admire the CAT.

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We have just launched our latest exhibition GEORGIAN SEND AND RIPLEY An Age of Change.  Come and learn about the huge army camp in Send, the Frenchman that was the head of the British army, the birth of cricket in Ripley, the heyday of the coaching trade and the visit of the renowned artist Turner and […]

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Portraits of the Past

The new exhibition showcases a small fraction of the society’s photo collection. Some of the photos were taken in studios but many more were taken locally of people such as the blacksmith, the milk delivery man etc. As well as coming to see these lovely photos visitors can have their ‘portrait’ taken either with or without […]

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The exhibition looks at the rise in popularity of tea and takes a tour from Burnt Common to The Hut at Wisley showing the various coffee houses and teashops that have existed over the years -particularly before the second world war. There is a brief mention of Send but sadly we have only found two […]

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plagues and pandemics

‘I would ask members to contact me (Clare McCann 01483 728546 or cricketshill@hotmail.com) for an appointment (this does not have to be a Saturday or a morning). The main room of the museum will be solely for those visiting and the steward will either be outside or in the library area, which is now cordoned […]

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Life Below Stairs

‘Our new exhibition Life Below Stairs. It focuses on memories, mainly recorded in the eighties, locals who worked in the big houses of Send, Ripley and Ockham. Come and see an Edwardian kitchen (well an approximation!) All visitors will have the opportunity to enter a draw for a Downton Abbey Cookbook.’

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