See moving pictures from the past!

In this section we want to encourage and promote any relevant video footage relating to the villages of Send and Ripley.

If you have some interesting video clips (or old cine film) of events relating to the villages and you would like us to include these on the website then please contact us as they will be of great interest to people of all generations.

Such clips may include:
– shows or events on the village green or Send Recreation Ground.
– special people who may have attended the village for some reason.
– village fete’s or gatherings.
– old buildings, cars, buses in the village

Please do in contact by and use the contact form – click here

The “Bank Job”

This re-edited footage with a new sound track shows how the old Nat West Bank was moved up the road in Ripley High Street to its final resting place where

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The Great Fire Of Ripley - 1969

The Great Fire Of Ripley, Surrey, England (Monday 10th February 1969). Hundreds of people in homes and property for 75 yards either side of Ripley High Street were evacuated on Monday

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